Rob Toal

New York, NY, USA



Eynes Work:
The Sallow Heart – Art


Rob Toal is a painter and comics creator born and bred in NYC. He studied fine arts painting and illustration at the School of Visual Arts. He lives in the Bronx where, along with his wife, he’s being held hostage by a thoroughly beautiful and highly intelligent little girl.

Why did you join this project?

I was shown the script when another artist was attached and I really liked it. When it became available, I jumped at the chance to work with Casey again.

Who would win in a fight, Batman or literally anyone with super-powers?

Bartman. Bartman always wins.

Can you name all seven dwarves?

Yes but I believe they already have names.

Describe the scariest supernatural scenario ever.
There’s this being in the sky who knows everything you do and think. An omnipotent being with seemingly low self esteem, he needs constant reassurance of your “love” or else you will be tortured for all of eternity. But maybe, just maybe, with enough devotion, you’ll be allowed  to live in his magic house.