Sebastian Varela Baino




Eynes Work:
The Crossed Path – Art


Sebastian Varela Baino is an artist living in Argentina. His heart runs on gallons of the deepest, blackest india ink. You have been warned.

Name of your story:

The Crossed Paths

Quick synopsis of your story:

My story is about a game of cat and mouse between two people in a medieval bar.

Why did you join this project?

I joined because the editor liked my art and I liked the script. It gave me real potential to try new art ideas that had been living in my head.

Who would win in a fight, Batman or literally anyone with super-powers?

Definitely Catwoman. She is so hot.

Can you name all seven dwarves?

I don’t know the translation, but I think it goes: The Little Stupid, Lazy, Angry, Sleepy, and I don’t remember the rest.

Describe the scariest supernatural scenario ever.

Me trying to dance to Reggeaton and Enrique Iglesias songs.