T.S. Black

Name: T.S. Black

Bio:Part-time daydream, part-time slacker, full-time headcase. I make castles spoken words, empires out of unspoken thoughts, universes from wistful dreams, and infinite adventures from a single breath. Also, a purveyor of shrieks, screams, and goosebumps.

Name of your story: Something Borrowed

Quick synopsis of your story: All Scarlet ever wanted was to be loved, loved for who she was and not what she was. Little did she know just how much her love would cost her.

5 questions:

Why did you join this project? You had me at “Supernatural Thriller/Horror”

Who would win in a fight, Batman or literally anyone with super-powers? Bats leads. Others follow.

Can you name all seven dwarves? Er… Can I google the answer?

If a train leaves the station going 50 MPH, another leaves another station at 65 MPH, and we ask 25 high school students to answer word problems, how many would get pregnant on prom night? Not a single soul

Describe the scariest supernatural scenario ever. Me. Me staring back at me.