Micheal Tanner

Name: Michael Tanner

Bio: Born in Montana, formed in Washington, excelling in California. Michael Tanner is a writer of fictions living Los Angeles California.

Name of your story: The Wanderer

Quick synopsis of your story: A very bad man acts very badly.

5 questions:

Why did you join this project? I looked at it like a writing prompt exercise, (which you never really get with comics), that would actually be carried through to completion. And it’s fun to play with someone else’s toys.

Who would win in a fight, Batman or literally anyone with super-powers? They always say Batman, if he’s prepared. But that’s the case for anyone isn’t? Howard the Duck could beat Superman…if he’s “prepared.”

Can you name all seven dwarves?

Yes. CAN YOU!!!?!?!?!?

If a train leaves the station going 50 MPH, another leaves another station at 65 MPH, and we ask 25 high school students to answer word problems, how many would get pregnant on prom night?

All of them… even the boys! Thanks science.

Describe the scariest supernatural scenario ever.

The tagline for the original Dawn of Dead…if you take it literally, it’s pretty frightening “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”