Camelot’s Gift

Written by John  Horsley
Illustrated by Rick Bugbee


Jack Eynes: A paranormal detective. Hard working. Hard drinking. Hard loving. Jack Eynes has seen it all, or so he thinks. Now he’s watching everything crash around his feet in a violent and bloody mess. Will he pick up the pieces? Of course he will, he’s an Eynes. He will pick them up or he will die trying.

Camelot: As old as mankind itself, Camelot has existed on the outside of man’s daily life waiting for the opportunity to create death and destruction. Seeing a power in the Eynes family early on, Camelot has wasted no opportunity to do his best to eradicate the family so that he might one day cause the destruction of mankind and finally reign supreme as the ruler of this realm.


Jack is on the trail of the killer demon Camelot as he terrorizes London. He’s on the way home after a long night of hunting when he hears a crash…coming from his apartment.