The World

In a world where the threads of time weave an intricate tapestry, the Eynes lineage stands as both sentinel and target. Once sprawling and majestic, their ancestral heritage now bears the ravages of Camelot’s relentless quest for dominion. An ancient sorcerer with ambitions spanning millennia, Camelot seeks to harness the unique Eynes power – an uncanny ability to gaze into both past and future, an eldritch wellspring coveted for eternal supremacy.

Emerging sporadically through the eons, individuals with infernal abilities manifest within the heart of the Eynes bloodline. Their lineage entwined with shadows and darkness, a sinister gift that beckons the covetous glare of Camelot. Among these descendants, Code Eynes, a harbinger of transformation, grapples with the enigma that shrouds the sorcerer’s intentions, poised on the precipice of revelation.

In this realm where ancient enmities and timeless aspirations clash, Camelot’s unyielding resolve shrouds the realm in an aura of foreboding. The young heir, driven by an insatiable thirst for truth, unearths cryptic secrets, while the sorcerer crafts arcane storms to halt the inexorable tide of revelation. Thus, a confrontation looms, a struggle between the enigmatic Eynes and the malevolent forces of Camelot. Their saga unfolds in a world crafted from strands of intrigue and shadow, its essence bound within the embrace of the ancient language, ever echoing in the realm of the English language.