The Monsters

Within the fabric of The Eynes world, the monstrous entities span a vast spectrum, from ethereal specters to titanic krakens that haunt the depths. Yet, understand, this is no realm perennially gripped by terror at their spectral presence. The monsters typically coexist in an unspoken accord with humanity Maintaining an equilibrium where both worlds brush against each other, yet if you’re not aware of the evils that lurk you’d think everything was normal.

Enter the enigmatic Eynes, a family irrevocably intertwined with the plight of monsters. Shrouded in enigma, the Eynes family bears an inexplicable and haunting connection, a force that tugs them and the monsters together like magnets locked in an eternal dance. It is this bond that thrusts the Eynes into a perpetual nomadic existence bound by transience, never lingering in one place for more than fleeting seasons.

From demons, to skin-walkers, to vampires, and beyond, curiosity courses through the veins of some. There are those the Eynes would typically vanquish that have instead turned to an existence on penance. Trying to atone for the wicked ways of their kin. Among the fiends that prowl this realm, there are those who raise the Eynes upon an invisible pedestal, bowing to their otherworldly connection.

Yet, within the hushed whispers of the monstrous majority, a perception etched in primal instincts perceives the Eynes as a blight to be extinguished. A chilling belief has taken root; a conviction that the they must purge their realm of these so called Eynes, beings.

The Eynes lineage, once vast, now bears scars from Camelot’s relentless pursuit. His ambition spans millennia; to find and control the Eynes with the power to see past and future. This ability only arises once every few generations. For now Code Eynes holds this mantle, poised to unravel Camelot’s enigma.

Camelot’s resolve is unyielding; he’ll summon shadows to guard his secrets. A clash brews, where a young heir uncovers truths and a timeless sorcerer weaves arcane tempests. Engage in this tale where Eynes confronts Camelot.