The Eynes Family

Beware the chilling legacy that binds them, a lineage known as “The Eynes.” A name whispered in hushed tones by the evil forces of the world. Resonating through the corridors of time with a haunting refrain. The Eynes, a family intertwined not merely by blood, marriage, or adoption, but by an ancient and malevolent connection to the unspeakable horrors that dwell in the shadows.

Step into the tangled web of this cursed dynasty and journey though the tales through time about The Eynes facing off against any number of creatures of the night. A sinister pact, sealed with a kiss, where newcomers find themselves entwined with a lineage that has danced with monsters since time immemorial. Once you join their ranks, a newfound awareness shatters the comforting illusions of reality. The veil lifts, revealing a world teeming with lurking terrors.

Jack Eynes form "Camelot's Gift" art by Rick Bugbee
"Dulcie's Snake" art by J Horsley III

Even as the Eynes tread the treacherous path between righteousness and darkness, there are those who succumb to forbidden desires, entwining their fates with the very creatures that haunt their dreams. Amidst the murky shades of morality, shades of gray paint a portrait of complexity, where alliances blur and allegiances waver.

Through the annals of history, The Eynes have grappled with their dual existence—born as pariahs, ascending to greatness, twisted by malevolent forces, or even succumbing willingly to darkness. A realm where virtue and malevolence coalesce, and the line between good and evil trembles under the weight of destiny.

The Eynes, forever on the run, a nomadic existence marked by the chilling knowledge that some monsters hunger for their demise, while others harbor cryptic intentions. Every step, a dance on the razor’s edge.

And yet, not every Eynes remains ensnared within this grim tapestry. A handful have managed to slip the shackles. Threading the needle between worlds and leading ostensibly normal lives. Their brush against the supernatural is only in fleeting encounters.

"Kiss Don't Tell" art by artmx & J Horsley III

Prepare to journey into a world where the boundary between reality and nightmare is as thin as gossamer. For within the heart of the Eynes‘ dark lineage lies a tale of twisted destinies, where the macabre and the mundane collide, and the question remains: Will you dare to peer beyond the veil and confront the malevolent legacy of “The Eynes“?

"The Crossed Paths" art by Sebastian Varela Baino
The Crossed Paths art by Sebastian Varela Baino
"Camelot's Laugh" art by J Horsley III
“Camelot’s Laugh” art by J Horsley III
"Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer" art by Scott Godlewski
“Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer” art by Scott Godlewski