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Based in Seattle, WA, USA.

Standard Comic Sized Perfectbound Softcover


10 stories from 22 creators.

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Winter 2019


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Eynes Anthology


Monsters are everywhere…

They always have been. They lurk, hidden in every shadow, behind every dark thought. They are probably in your closet, possessing your friends, and they’re almost certainly creeping behind you now. They are most often undetectable. And when they’re not, it’s too late.

Throughout time, these monsters have feasted on society – both physically and metaphysically. The chaos they bring fuels a great dark spirit that seeks to end the world with pain and torment.

The Eynes are our only hope…

The Eynes family line has been cursed since before recorded history to detect the presence of these monsters. It is their bound duty to stop these creatures from destroying humanity through any means necessary, be it by sword, spell… or other. Though the Eynes can feel when the creatures are in close proximity, the monsters themselves are also drawn toward the family.

But not everything is as it seems…

And although the war between the monsters and the Eynes has waged for centuries, The black-and-white battle lines have grayed over the years.  not all monsters may be considered evil and not all Eynes are as righteous as one would think.

These are the tales of the Eynes Family.

Press Release

January 14th, 2019 – Eynes Anthology Book One is coming February 1st!

“A book about a family with an unexplainable connection to the supernatural and occult. Curated by creator John Horsley this book joins writers and artists from around the globe to tell you stories throughout time of this family and their demons. Joining this global effort are creators from the USA, England, The Philippines, Argentina, Nigeria, Spain, and Indonesia!” (cont’d)




Praise for The Eynes Anthology

“After reading the sample and talking with John, and seeing how passionate he is about what he created, I can say without a doubt that the Eynes Anthology is atop my most anticipated books coming out in 2019” ~ Robert Slavinsky (Bridging the Geekdoms)

Stories and creators in book one.

Some Days

Written | John Horsley Art | Rick Bugbee Colors DC Alanso Letters | Nikki Powers
Darius wants to defend his people and calls for aid from his kin. The aid comes, but not how he envisions.

The Sallow Heart

Written | Casey T. Allen Art | Rob Toal
When a dark priest creates a Golem to do his bidding, it does not go exactly as he planned.

The Crossed Paths

Written | Joseph S-Pell Art | Sebastian Varela Baino Letters | Nikki Powers
September 1645, after the fall of Bristol in the English civil war, Royalist Nathaniel Eynes flees his way into a small pub called “The Crossed paths”, where he meets a woman called Agnes.

The Black Hand

Written | Travis Webb Pencils | Greg Woronchak Inks | John Horsley
World War 1 Gallipoli, Erva Eynes joins the Kings Guard in search of a missing unit. Based on true events.

Camelot’s Gift

Written John Horsley Art | Rick Bugbee Colors | Denis Caron
Jack Eynes is on the trail of the killer demon Camelot as he terrorizes London. He’s on the way home after a long night of hunting when he hears a crash…from his apartment.

The Wanderer

Written | Michael Tanner Art | Clayton Hollifield
Gibson Eynes is an evil bastard. What he does to Missy isn’t fair.

Nate Ersatz and the Skinwalkers

Written | Greg Smith Art | J. Paul Schiek
The 1980’s never looked so good. Nate Ersatz and his sister Kaycey are on the hunt but they encounter more than they can handle.

Nancy Eynes, Krampus Killer

Written | Kenric Regan Art | Scott Godlewski ColorsJohn Horsley Letters | Nikki Powers
Nancy works for the big guy. She hunts the thing that devours kids in the streets, Krampus.

Something Borrowed

Written | TS Black Art | Dennis Tirona Colors | JW Sims Letters | Nikki Powers
Scarlet Eynes and her school friends are considering sneaking out of the boarding school dorm for a night on the town. A demon possessed group of friends scatters those plans.

The Story between the stories

Written/ArtJohn Horsley Letters | Kaylie Horsley
The ability to see through time has it’s ups and downs. How would you use this gift?

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Creators available for interview

John Horsley – Creator/writer/artist/editor – Request an interview

Based out of Seattle Washington John has been in the comics scene since 2003. Previously he has worked on a plethora of webcomics including y2cl, Sergeant Blinky, Inanimate, and Furry Animal Mayhem to name a few. He is the co host of podcasts Spoiler Country and Haphazard Adventures, and a host on the YouTube show Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country. He is a devoted husband and loving father to five children.

Casey Allen – Editor/writer – Request an interview

Hailing from the hills of Alabama Casey is a writer and the curator of The Comic Jam. Father of two beautiful girls and husband to a wife that will make you think “Really? She picked him?”. Casey is one of a kind.

Kenric Regan – Writer/Hype-man – Request an interview

From the mean streets of the Pacific Northwest comes Kenric Regan. Co-Host of Spoiler Country, visual host on Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country, and the man with a million dollar voice. If you want an interview with someone who can bring the power, Kenric is your man.

If you would like to interview another creator not listed here, please contact us!

The Eynes Book One Soundtrack

The bands below are involved in creating a soundtrack to go along with the stories of the first book.

  • Ardus
  • Damn The Cow
  • Joey Edsall
  • Outliar

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