A family on a quest to rid the world of the evils in the night.

"Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer" art by Scott Godlewski

The Family

The Eynes are cursed to a connection with the supernatural, whether it be good or evil, for all eternity.

The Monsters

The thing in your closet and under your bed is real, and it wants to be in your nightmares.

The world

Eynes and monsters live in a world in constant turmoil. Learn more about the places they inhabit.

Some Days

Darius has grand plans, but Camelot awaits.


The Sallow Heart

A young girl is given a glimpse of the evil that lurks in men’s souls and the goodness that arrives from unexpected places.

The Crossed Paths

On the run from Oliver Cromwell’s army, a travel weary Nathaniel stops at a tavern ran by someone pretending to be something she’s not. Things get testy. Things get hot.


The Black Hand

Erva, an American, is sent to investigate what happened to the Kings personal gardeners, who were sent to fight in a supposedly less dangerous front in the war in the Turkish countryside.  

Camelot's Gift

Jack Eynes is not having a good day.


The Wanderer

Gibson Eynes is a rambler and a sociopath. He cares not for the damage he’s done, or the families broken in his wake

Nate Ersatz and the Skinwalkers

Curiosity killed the cat, but in this case “curiosity” is a mythical Navajo witch bent on spreading evil and disorder. Nate and his sister are in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no way that this ends well.


Nancy Eynes: Krampus Killer

It’s Christmas Eve. Do you know where your children are? Krampus does. And Nancy is here to save them. 

Something Borrorwed

Scarlet wants to get away from the pains of her family’s name. She picked the wrong school for that.


The Story Between

Code Eynes has a gift, he can live and experience stories from his families past and future. How will they use this gift? 

"The Eynes Anthology is a gripping and chilling collection that brings together mega talents in the world of storytelling. From the first page to the last, this anthology takes readers on a harrowing journey through generations of the Eynes family, weaving a tale filled with violence, horror, and thought-provoking social commentaries."
"The best part of the book is how different each story is. Stylistically, artistically, literally…it changes from story to story, and makes this graphic novel hard to put down. Sometimes you get multiple stories by the same person, and it becomes almost predictable, and this book is not."
Jay Roach
"This book is a testimony to my never ending passion to convert or destroy the Eynes to my side. I will prevail, there is no way they can stop me."